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What is NewHoopsIQ?

NewHoopsIQ is dedicated to helping basketball teams and specific players to achieve greater success by minimizing fouls, reducing turnovers, and maximizing competitive opportunities on both offense and defense.

Created by Ronnie Nunn, an internationally-recognized authority on basketball officiating, NewHoopsIQ uses in-depth knowledge and expertise to help players avoid the mistakes and inefficiencies that are often the difference between winning and losing.

Ronnie has been coined as a "Specialty Coach" to your team's organization as it relates to basketball officiating.

Our one-of-a-kind services are designed to provide our clients with a competitive advantage over their peers, allowing them to maximize their organizational investment and win more games.

Why do you need NewHoopsIQ?

The failure to understand the details and nuances of NBA, including (EuroLeague, NCAA and FIBA rules)  and its officiating practices results in:


1. Key players losing playing time because of foul trouble

2. Players, Coaches unnecessarily frustrated for mis-communications with officials 

3. Turnovers

4. Missed opportunities on offense and defense


The NBA and other various leagues are so competitive, and the margin between teams in any particular game is so slim, that these plays wind up being extremely costly. Many of these mistakes and inefficiencies are AVOIDABLE.

NewHoopsIQ also provides communication approaches for interactive dialogue with officials to decrease conflicts and target legitimate concerns for effective results.    



NewHoopsIQ provides its clients with access to our innovative analytical techniques with "hands-on teaching methods" designed to guide coaches, players, and other team personnel on how to maximize their competitive advantage.


Simply put, our in-depth knowledge and expertise will provide our clients with a unique asset their opponents cannot match.

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